My Hero Academia: 10 Times Good Intentions Made Things Worse

Sometimes trying to do the right thing leads to a bad outcome. For these My hero Academia characters, their good intentions paved a not-so-good road.

The popular shonen anime My Hero Academia tells a story of heroism, of sacrifices made for the greater good, and a fight against evil that becomes increasingly difficult. But in a world where heroism has become a profession and where villains sometimes hover between good and evil, it's not unusual for good intentions to lead to unexpected and occasionally disastrous consequences.



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Heroes are often so blinded by their desire to do good that they miss important details. Even villains may start out as having good intentions, although in their case, the result is rarely positive. There are many instances where characters prove that wanting to do the right thing isn't enough, and may even be short-sighted and harmful in the bigger picture.



Inko Apologizes To Young Izuku For His Quirklessness

My Hero Academia, Inko and Izuku cry

In MHA, being Quirkless is practically a curse. Unfortunately, this is the fate protagonist Izuku Midoriya has to face. From a very young age, he wishes to become a hero, like his idol, All Might. But his dream seems doomed, as, at the age of four, he is diagnosed as Quirkless. He is simply not as evolved as everyone else around him.


With tears in his eyes, Izuku asks his mother Inko if he can still become a hero without a Quirk. Inko apologizes to him and hugs him, perhaps wishing to give him comfort in this way. Inko means well and wants to protect Izuku, but this exchange may have led Izuku to keep her at a distance and never confess the true extent of his problems.



All Might Tells Izuku He Can't Be A Hero

My Hero Academia

The Symbol of Peace, All Might, rescues Izuku after he is attacked by the Sludge Villain. Seeing his chance, Izuku asks his idol if a Quirkless child can be a hero. All Might loses his hold on his muscle form, revealing his true state. He then explains the truth about his terrible injury, and tells Izuku to be realistic and aim for a different career path.



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Considering All Might's experience, it's understandable that he may have thought this was safer for Izuku. Still, he is excessively harsh and doesn't consider Izuku's mental state at all. He even leaves Izuku alone on the roof of a building. His mistake could have cost Izuku his life, if Izuku had chosen to take Katsuki Bakugou's earlier advice and commit suicide.



Izuku Confronts Shoto Todoroki During The U.A. School Tournament

U.A. Sports Festival

After he receives One for All from All Might, Izuku becomes a student at U.A. High. His challenges aren't always related to the villains he has to face. His classmate, Shoto Todoroki, confesses that he is the result of a Quirk marriage. Shoto's Quirk, Half-Cold, Half-Hot, is the result. Despising his father, Endeavor, for what he has done to their family, Shoto wishes to win the U.A. Sports Tournament solely through his ice manipulation.


While confronting Shoto during the one-on-one battles, Izuku convinces him to use his fire, to acknowledge it as a part of him. This helps Shoto very much, but Izuku does a lot of damage to himself, and his hands are permanently ruined. He may have deemed his friend's mental health worth the sacrifice, but the injury may seriously hinder him in the future.



Recovery Girl Refuses To Give Izuku Medical Treatment

My Hero Academia

Seeing Izuku's tendency to break himself, Recovery Girl says she won't be giving him treatment for his self-inflicted injuries again. Her reaction may seem understandable, as he is relying on her Quirk to indulge in his self-sacrificing tendencies. But Recovery Girl's option isn't the solution either, and it's not something a qualified medical practitioner should say.



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Izuku is still a child, and Recovery Girl is well aware of the reasons why he struggles so much with his Quirk. Chastising him so much is pointless. She should have focused on providing him with support in the form of mental healthcare and worked with his other teachers to create a better plan for his specific situation. She may think she's holding off his behavior through her refusal, but the only result is Izuku losing trust in her and continuing with his previous behavior.



The Final Exams Aren't The Best Choice For Izuku And Katsuki


During the Final Exam Arc, the students are forced to face their teachers in battle. In an attempt to encourage Izuku and Katsuki to get over their rivalry, the two are teamed up and forced to fight all Might. Katsuki does learn how to cooperate more, but the lesson doesn't come cheap. Izuku has to once again compromise, having to accept his abuser's behavior. The U.A. teachers may have had good intentions, but this is one case during which they utterly fail their students.



Danjuro Tobita Tries To Rescue Someone But Gets In A Hero's Way


A rather interesting case of good intentions gone wrong is the story of Gentle Criminal. Originally a hero student, Danjuro Tobita fails to pass his Provisional Hero License Exam. He tries to come to the rescue of a civilian in trouble anyway, but he just ends up getting in a hero's way. As a result, the civilian is seriously hurt. The fines and reparations put his parents deeply in debt. He is expelled from U.A., kicked out of his home, and abandons his dreams of becoming a hero, choosing villainy instead.



Deku And Mirio Leave Eri In Overhaul's Hands


During the Shie Hassaikai Arc, Izuku joins his senior, Mirio Togata, at Sir Nighteye's agency. This leads to them being involved in the investigation of Overhaul's dangerous organization. By complete accident, while on patrol, they run into Eri, an obviously wounded and terrified little girl. When Overhaul appears, they know they can't oppose him, as it would ruin the ongoing investigation.


This may have been a missed opportunity. If they'd seized this chance, the Shie Hassaikai raid wouldn't have been necessary. Sir Nighteye would have lived, and Mirio wouldn't have lost his Quirk. Izuku and Mirio both were perfectly capable of handling Overhaul. The sole problem would have been the potential collateral damage, but that could have been avoided if the two young heroes had taken Overhaul by surprise.



Fuyumi Todoroki Tries To Push Her Family Into Forgetting The Past

Anime My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Fuyumi Sister Eating

Sometimes, good intentions have nothing to do with heroism and are more focused on the details of family life. This is the case for Fuyumi Todoroki, Endeavor's daughter and Shoto's sister. Even after everything her father has done, she still tries to encourage togetherness, to give them all a chance to start over. It's an admirable effort, but her brother Natsuo doesn't really appreciate it. It's also not very respectful of the loss of their eldest sibling, Touya--now the villain Dabi. Fuyumi means well, but Endeavor's path for forgiveness is a long one.



Nana Shimura Gives Her Son Up To Keep Him Safe

Photo of Nana with Kotaro

All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura, is a brilliant role model for her successor. His respect for her follows him all throughout his years as a hero, and her advice never leaves his mind. But even Nana could make mistakes, often precisely because of her good intentions.


After All for One kills her husband, Nana leaves her son Kotaro in foster care. It is an attempt to keep him safe, but Kotaro grows up hating heroes anyway. As a result, he is abusive of his son, Tenko, when Tenko shows interest in becoming a hero. This leads to Tenko's Quirk Decay manifesting violently, killing his whole family and leaving him open to All for One's manipulations. He is therefore turned into the worst possible villain, Tomura Shigaraki.



All Might Becomes The Symbol Of Peace


As a Quirkless young man, Toshinori Yagi has a dream--to become a symbol, someone who could reassure people and deter crime through his sheer existence. He succeeds, and as All Might, he manages to make the crime rate of Japan drop significantly. But the crime rate isn't everything. All Might's rise may have contributed to the negative treatment received by the Quirkless or of people with mutant Quirks, as they just couldn't compare with his flashy power.


To make matters worse, he doesn't prepare for the inevitable moment of his fall. The collapse of the Symbol of Peace leaves hero society vulnerable. Endeavor and the other Pro Heroes try to compensate, but they have all been taught to rely on the unbreakable pillar of All Might. While admirable and heroic, Toshinori's dream and his sacrifice may just be the best example of good intentions gone wrong.

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