Adam Lallana-Man City speculation after 4-1 duo

Adam Lallana seemed chummy and chatty after the match with Pep Guardiola and some cityzens including Jack Grealish

On Saturday 23rd of October Manchester City gave Brighton a thorough 4-1 thrash to allow them to scoop out maximum three  point for the game week

Brighton were given a ruthless example of how good Manchester City are and how far there is to go to match the Premier League's best teams.

Arguably with their budget in comparison to City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and more, it is almost impossible to compete at the top of the division.

But with head coach Graham Potter at the helm, the players at his disposal, and the backing of chairman Tony Bloom, Albion are certainly on an upward trajectory.

But there was a gulf in class in their 4-1 defeat to the Cityzens at the Amex on Saturday night. Even after a heated battle took place, however, both sets of players were on good terms after the final whistle.

Incidentally, here are some things you may have missed the game and some takeaways from it, too.

Adam Lallana seemed intent on soaking up every minute of Man City's presence at the Amex on Saturday night. The 33-year-old first got into a good-humoured and chummy chat with Jack Grealish after the game finished.

The two got into one or two intense duels in the match and the pair parted seemingly in each other's good books.

Next up Lallana had a five-minute-long conversation with Pep Guardiola. Many onlookers were trying to surmise what their topic of conversation revolved around, as there was a lot of gesticulating from the City boss in particular.

While the chat went on for a long time, the former Barcelona boss' explanation of what was said was very brief.

"We talked about our families, the kids, this kind of stuff," he said.

And Lallana then chatted for a while with Phil Foden at the entrance to the tunnel. The duo were laughing and joking about, but also seemingly talking football matters as well.

Some speculate that the ex-England star has an eye on coaching in the future, going by all this post-match chat.

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