I didn believe that even one day Anna will save me from every thing.

You see i just knew there were some thing fishy and now its clear and true but just remember this we will never choose you to be our queens that will never happen maybe we should give this tender to Elsa .

When the student was talking every one started to record me i did not have any choice and especially i didnt know what to do .is it really just one day i wake up and see whats going on in my mind.

Then i saw Anna coming toward us and i knew that she was going  to talk  down on me i wished that i covered her mouth to say any thing but still did not have achoice left to do anymore and bad of it every one was there.

Then Anna shouted loudly could you just keep quiet and let me explain to you what was happening you see it was like agame and amovie but no one did not know then Anna started laughing.

So people also thought that it was just a movie but people misunderstand stood everything so  they believed that Anna that it wss a movie once again Anna is becoming my mate and i dont believe it.

Then the news were all over that it was amistake that people were acting and they started believing what was said at that time and moment.once again people are sorry for what is happening and since any one could see it would believe it i then said it is okay.


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