Best Restaurants To Try When Visiting Nairobi

Every city has that one place that tourists and locals like to go for a local flavor.

1. The Carnivore Restaurant

As the name suggests, Carnivore is a hub for meat eaters and will be a great place to learn the Kenyan love for roast meat (or nyama choma as we like to call it). You can have a wide range of meats, both domestic and wild. From beef, Lamb, crocodile meat to pork. It has a pro setup with prompt services and ample secure parking space. Best time weekdays is after 9pm when Nairobi traffic subsides.

2. Nyama Mama

This is a new restaurant chain with the most interesting twist on everyday Kenyan cuisine. Try their branch at Delta Towers in Westlands. The decor is lovely and the staff will tell you all you need to know about the food you pick out. Ask the staff to recommend something and you can’t go wrong. They also have great music playing or amazing artists performing so you get a double dose of Kenyan food and tunes. Friday evenings have amazing Jazz so you could start your night.

3. The Diamond Plaza food court 

Located at the more Asian side of town called Parklands, The Diamond Plaza food court is your best bet for a taste of coastal and Indian cuisine. You’ll get mobbed by menus from all the food stalls once you get seated but look past that annoyance and pick out the Swahili or Indian dishes that you’d like to try. They are amazing! Try the chicken biryani and also make sure you have the fresh juice from the juice parlour there. They have amazing options.

4. Three Dee Restaurant

If you are looking for a place with awesome Kenyan traditional food then look no further. This is the perfect place to be. However it has inadequate parking, so take a cab when visiting 3D. I strongly recommend you try this restaurant if you want to enjoy western Kenya traditional dishes. Its located in Kilimani.

5. Sierra Brasserie – Yaya Center

The restaurant is on top of the roof. They offer a good selection of meals from their aged beef burgers and steak to seafood and also vegetarian options, not to mention their desserts. These guys know what they are doing. On top of that they brew their own beer and it’s splendid! If you want a quiet dinner you can sit inside and they also have an outside area where you can smoke.

6. K’Osewe Ranalo Foods

Centrally located at the heart of Nairobi, easily accessible, K’Osewe is a great haven for African food. The food is fresh and well cooked. The place is usually busy over peak hours and good to visit early lunch or dinner. Not a place for any sort of intimate conversations either. You will almost always and up sharing a table. All in all, it’s a good restaurant with good food and reasonable prices.

7. Fogo Gaucho – Waiyaki way , Westlands

Fogo never disappoints, the first time I went there was during a dinner with my workmates and of course we enjoyed the all you can eat assortment. The restaurant was almost full when we got there, tells you how good it is. What I love most is that the waiters just keep coming as long as your card is turned up on the green side which means “give me more”, they will be there every passing minute! The variety of meats served was extensive, and between us, we tried many, including grilled fish, crocodile, topside beef, chicken thighs, and sausages. I have never seen and tasted so much meat in my life like that day.  It was my first time tasting crocodile meat and I actually loved it. Perfect ambience for both family and friends.

Ruth Mugasha

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