Breakfast Spots

A well thought out breakfast is the best way to kickstart your day.


1.Java House

Java House is a chain of Coffee Houses with many branches all over the country. It’s the top spot for breakfast because of the convenience and taste it offers to its customers. It has created a coffee culture and is now one of the top Coffee brands. Java’s breakfast menu is available all day and a must-try is their full Java breakfast. It comprises of two eggs with toast, home fries, baked beans, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

2.River café

The River Café has to be one of the best places to unwind with your friends and families. It is perfectly situated in Karura and is surrounded by an urban forest. After hiking or jogging in Karura Forest what better way to alleviate all the heat if not grabbing an iced drink from here. When dining at River Café, you get to enjoy a peerless view of Karura Forest and all its wildlife. There’s an extensive vegetarian-friendly breakfast menu that features a flavoursome array of food. 

3.Art Caffe

Art Caffe is a family-style restaurant that doubles as a coffee shop. It is famous for its simple aesthetics and eye-catching fixtures. They serve mouth-watering platters and these heartwarming delicacies will leave you going back for more. Art Caffe has several branches all around Nairobi offering an amazing breakfast that’s prepared using the highest quality of ingredients. Their food is served from 7 am and their ” English breakfast” will definitely tickle your taste buds. Make sure to enjoy their grilled bacon and tomatoes before heading to work.

4.Wasp and Sprouts

Wasp and Sprouts is a family run business that’s found hidden away in Loresho. Its main aim is to appropriately express African ways of living. The interior features a selection of African prints and locally produced furniture. They are an all-day dining restaurant with a variety of dinner and breakfast options. Breakfast at Wasp and Sprouts is an absolute must with such a variety to choose from. All of their products are produced locally and it’s very committed to providing healthier alternatives. It’s a nice place if you want to read or get some work done while enjoying healthy food in the morning. 

5.D’s place

D’s Place is a simple location to enjoy excellently made pancakes and waffles. It is located in the food court of Lavington Mall Nairobi. Their waffles are carefully made and the combination of flavours is everything you never knew you needed. It’s slightly small and sometimes sitting room may be an issue. D’s Place has an online delivery service and if you can’t find them, they’ll make their way to find you. Be sure to try either their sweet or savoury chicken waffles and bask in all the goodness.

6.Nook Café

Nook Café is a small restaurant that is tucked away right in the heart of Hurlingham. It’s set up to offer an intimate dining experience with your friends and family. It may not deliver much in terms of ambiance but it stands out for its highly impressive meals. Nook Cafe’s menu changes every week and the cuisine you enjoy depends on when you visit. Breakfast or brunch is the way to go here. The service is friendly and you can also purchase the artwork that’s displayed on their walls. 

7.Cafe Deli

Café Deli is a chain restaurant with a current total of 3 operational branches in Nairobi. It a very spacious location with some of the best fixtures and lighting décor. They provide local and international cuisines with that Kenyan touch. Their morning Kickstarter includes pancakes,omelettes, croissants, perfectly brewed coffee and so much more. Their Café Deli English breakfast will leave you very satisfied and have you looking forward to the next visit before you even leave. 

8.Cj’s Restaurant

Cj’s mantra has always been ‘Big on breakfast ‘.Anyone who’s dined here can attest that their generosity with portions is one for the books. It currently has 3 locations in Nairobi. They have a branch in Village Market, Waterfront Karen, and lastly along Langata road. Cj’s is a family-friendly restaurant that serves ambiance on ambiance. The blending of their perfectly toned colours and furniture makes the whole place chic and lavish. Their Big on breakfast menu has waffles, pancakes, omelettes, muffins, fruit platters and so much more.

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