Journey of getting to be with classic girls.

Monday and there is a posters everywhere a trip for camping i was so excited so these year am going to be in acamp with queens of the school it has been my dream lately to stay and be one of them.

I step straightforward to talk with Sarah and when she saw me she smiled back at me and come over to me.woww so there is going to be atrip i hope you will be with me and not with that dumb stupid friend of yours Diana"she said looking at me .No i will be with you all the days .

As We were talking Diana came infront of us looking angrily.Anna ,are you mad or something someone is making fun of me and you are just sitting on her side i thought i knew you well but OMG you are something worse than this.

When was i trying to explain it to her sara shutted me up and going forward to Diana,are you jelous of us being with her if you want you can join too its not like we are going to kick you out but with respects and Arthur came infront of us and took Diana and went away with her without saying anything to me

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