In the economic activities there must be production

Production is the creation of goods and services in order to satisfy human wants.there are three types of production which are direct production,indirect production and tertiary production. 

Direct production is the extraction of raw materials such as mineral,cotton and other more also indirect production is the type of production which involve turning raw materials into finished goods.also tertiary production is the one that involve like making clothes.

Also there is factors of production which are capital,land,labour and is anything that is used to start abusiness example machine and other resources.

Land is any where someone can conduct an is agift of nature and it is naturally created by God.Also labour is mental and physical effort of a human being.there are two types of labour which are mental involve thinking and physical involve energy.

Enterprenuership is a person who control all the business. An enterprenuer is arisk taker in the business and control all the activities. The reward for this person is interest in the business 

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