This poem describes the beauty of having a mom and to what extent I love my mom

A mom is a precious jewel 

And a priceless gift you can never purchase 

And the beauty of having her is super amazing 

Like that of a masterpiece 

Her love so unconditional 

Her heart filled with love and compassion 

And a heart that really cares

Her love and tenderness is satisfactory 

And a special gift too. 


If only you could allow me mama

To open my heart today 

And say that I love you 

My heart could have a better place to reside 

Mama I love you dearly 

You bear the sweetest name

A name so wonderful and precious 

I'm lucky to have you mama. 


You are a woman of substance 

A determined and hardworking woman

Detetermined to achieve the best

And to be successful in life

You nurtured me

You cared for me 

You dressed me

And you kept me organized always 

You are the best of everything I have mama. 


Words of honour and praise

Will never leave my mouth 

To praise and to honour you mama

Because you are my everything 

You provide your shoulder for me to cry on 

And your back to lean on when I feel I can't

You always taught me

That life is filled with good and hard times 

But you told to learn from everything I can

You are the best teacher mama. 


You are a flower 

Whose petals will never wilt 

And a wonderful mother you are

Because you never let me down

Even when I make your blood to boil

Any excuse I give is always pathetic 

You are so caring and affectionate 

But words are not enough mama 

Enough to express the unconditional love you have for me. 


Mama you are incomparable 

Because you always soldier on 

Soldiering on to face the stormy life

And always smiling to show that you are still strong

Your smile is of the sunshine 

Which always draws me closer to you

And also brightens my every day 

I am proud to have you

And I love you from the bottomless part of my heart. 

Shiko Wambui

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