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As orengo tries to explain how English has rules to the Court of Appeal judges are confused.



Simplify Please," Judges After Orengo Confused Them With These Tough English Rules
OtakwaJul 2, 2021

Today there was a show of sensationalism and drama in the court of appeal after one of the appellants fed the seven-judge bench with a brief English lesson. Senior Counsel James Orengo was standing up to reply to a submission made by Havi about the IEBC lacking quorum to oversee the verifi

It is during this time that the renowned constitutional lawyer threw to the judges tough English rules hardly understandable by the bench. The judges unsuccessfully struggled to understand the lawyer until one of them had to tell Counsel Orengo to simplify. The rest of the court room was filled with giggles as they too tried to understand the now great Englishman.

Orengo was trying to explain how verbs, pronouns and nouns are interdependent in the structuring of the English language sentences.

"I want to share with you a matter of grammar. If you use a pronoun or noun before a verb and is followed by a noun, that verb is a function of the pronoun of the noun before the verb and the noun following the verb. But if you have a sentence that is broken thereafter you find a noun and another verb, it cannot relate to the noun and the pronoun that preceded the second verb. If you look at article 257, it is spoken in two parts the first is deliver, that is signatures. The second verb is to register," said senior counsel James Orengo in his final submission with the judge cutting in between with a plea, "simplify please."

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