Let's hug a little more

There's the hug of gentle arms that still gives the space to breathe; then there is the hug of strong arms that tells everything that you are - body, brain and soul - that they are with you. I love both, the duvets and the human shields, each has their time...

An embrace. So simple. Free. All you need is stretch your arms and squeeze. I am a hugger, I get hugs, I give hugs and I just love it. I believe in Hugger's Creed "we believe HUGS nurture the human spirit, promote a more positive outlook and enhance the quality of one's life."

Did you know that hugs cause our brains to release dopamine which causes us to feel more confident and motivated? Did you know every time you hug oxytocin gets released in your body which causes you to have warm fuzzy bonding feelings? Or did you know this; that hugs cause increased serotonin levels which elevate our moods and make us feel happier? Well that's what studies have shown.

As a hugger I have found out that hugs decrease our feelings of loneliness, hugs reduce our stress levels, hugs reduce tension, hugs calm us down, hugs help us feel happier and more secure and best of all hugs increase our self esteem. It's too good a therapy, right? You will only know a hug's power when you make it a habit to solve everything with a simple hug. Hug someone every day. Got no one to hug you back? Hug yourself! How?

Simply wrap your arms around yourself and hold tight at that moment you are already fighting infections, boosting your immunity, easing depression  and lessening fatigue. While at it this message is send to your body and brain; I've got you, Ilove you and you are okay. It is a quick and free act of self care.

Let's hug a little much more, heaven knows we all need it!

Sending you virtual hugssmile

Faith Kullah

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