Here is what Miguna Miguna Miguna said About Deputy president William Ruto

Today Lawyer Miguna Miguna has been trending following his sentiments about Deputy president William Ruto some times back.

BBI being the talk of the month and year is yet to be voted for by judges .

Last week the Lawyer pinned down a letter on his Facebook account abusing the Building Bridges initiative brigade after the court of appeal upheld the decision of the high court 5 bench ruling to declare BBI unconstitutional.

In his statement on Twitter on Wednesday, September 8, Miguna said in as much as he would have loved to come back home and pay his last respects, he could not as he is in exile and the Kenyan government cannot allow him back to his home country.

Kenyans were quick to comment on this Migunas statement, here are some of the comments;

Rest in peace, my maternal uncle, Eliud Obong'o Njoga. I would have loved to attend the celebration of your life, but I cannot do so because Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have refused to obey court orders and respect the Bill of Rights," he said. Read more:

"Mr Miguna Miguna, you are a very learned individual but the nonsense you are delivering has no consequences, please try to understand that the people you are addressing specifically the Mount Kenya Nation are not fools and their choice is Dr Ruto." A user on Twitter commented.

Miguna Miguna's popularity has made him lure many Kenyans to. Seeing their leaders have no way forward.


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