While we salute those fathers who have been there for their kids, an increasing number of men are skipping out on their fatherly responsibilities.

Professor Hamo

Churchill Show comedian Prof Hamo has been put on the spot after it emerged that he does not support his baby mama, Stella Bunei Koitie alias Jemutai.

The news sent waves through Kenya’s social media platforms with many of his fans turning to him because he was accused of not providing any money towards his children’s upkeep.

The accusations have definitely sent his approval rating to the pits of celebrities who are deadbeat father’s in Kenya.

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi Wajesus found himself in the negative limelight once again two months ago after Edgar Obare did the expose of the year by revealing an alleged deeply kept family secret.

Kabi had not only been cheating on his beauty queen wife, but he had also had an affair with his cousin, siring a daughter whom he was also allegedly neglecting.

These accusations not only cracked the cement underneath their solid fanbase, but the naysayers were even more so convinced because Edgar is not known for fake stories.

Frankie Justgymit

Frankie Justgymit and Maureen Waititu were the couple of the hour for a majority of 2018-2019, with their saucy pictures and vlogging their relationship’s every last move, garnering a large number of fans, sponsors, and followers, all in awe.

Their breakup, however, was so nasty that it left everybody with a bitter taste in their mouths, especially for Frankie.

At the beginning of the ordeal, Maureen decided to take to her Youtube channel to simply stop the trolls fans after Frankie left her for Corazon Kwamboka.

She said that ever since he left the relationship, he had not sent any money to the upkeep of their two boys and had barely come to see them.

He retorted that he paid for their schooling and the house they lived in but those claims are yet to be confirmed as she moved out of the house soon after that.

Dennis Itumbi

Political figure Dennis Itumbi found himself in hot soup when a woman came forward and alleged that he was a big deadbeat father.

The woman, who kept her details unknown, said that the man had disappeared as soon as she gave birth and he completely refused to deal with her or their new child.

Since then, even after she had told him she had given up her job to take up being a new mother and she had no parents to support her.

Dennis was forced by the courts to pay KES 20,000 monthly child support for the baby. Whether or not he has fulfilled this directive, is unknown.


Prezzo is the deadbeat OG, for many. In 2015, his wife and baby mama Daisy Kiplagat took to the court to say he was a deadbeat father to their then 6-year-old child.

He laughably tried to keep the entire affair under wraps but was unsuccessful.

The courts then ordered him to pay her KES 50,000 a month for child upkeep but he did not as she took him to court once more to pay the child support bills.

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