Ubutumwa bwiza bwi jambo ry'Imana.

  1. One of my favorite things to do for entertainment is going to the movie theater. I know that is may seem trivial and a waste of money, but there is something about going to the theater that I have always enjoyed. This fascination may stem from childhood memories, remembering all the good times that I had at the movie theater with my favorite characters. Even today, I get so excited when the lights dim and you know that the movie is about to start. I am always excited to be there for where the movie will take me.
  2. I get the exact same feeling anytime I read the first verses in Genesis, no matter how many times I have read them. Even right now, I get chills reading those verse for the millionth time (I may be exaggerating the exact number). Imagine if you had never heard of the Bible before and it was the first time you had ever read those words - how would you feel? The first five verses introduce themes that are important throughout the entire book: God and light is good; darkness is bad.
  3. Within a few sentences you know that God is good, light is good, and that God has created heaven, earth, water, light, darkness, day, and night. He goes on to create everything in between.

MUGISHA Ben Sergay

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