Many parents will opt for a single bed or bunk beds for their little ones, however, there are several other types of kid's beds on the market.


49. Single Bed

A single bed in a child's room
While technically a bed size, single beds are commonly found in children’s rooms because of their small size. They are 36 by 75 inches, making them smaller than twin beds. Single beds are great for toddlers and small children.

50. Bunk Bed

A lofted bunk bed with desk underneath
Bunk beds are a very popular style of bed for children who share rooms. They save space by having one bed directly above the other to form a complete unit. A ladder is then used to get to the top bed.

51. Triple Bunk Bed

A bunk bed with three beds stacked on top of each other
Just like the name suggests, triple bunk beds have three beds. They stack directly on top of each other and can be made out of metal or wood. Triple bunk beds come in full, twin, and queen bed sizes for children of all ages.

52. Built-In Bunk Bed

A bunk bed built into a wall.
Built-in bunk beds are built into the wall of the desired room. These beds are major space savers and can even be DIY’d.

53. Futon Bunk Bed

A bunk bed with a loft for a futon underneath
Futon bunk beds have a bed on top with a futon below. These are very versatile and can be used in small bedrooms or studios.

54. Trundle Bed

A stacked trundle bed that pulls out to reveal 3 beds in total
Trundle beds are the opposite of bunk beds; they have a bed built in underneath that pulls out. These are another great way to save space in a kid’s bedroom and are great for sleepovers.

55. Loft Bed

A lofted bed with a play area underneath
A loft bed is a single bed that is raised above ground leaving a comfortable space below it. It is similar to a bunk bed in that it has a ladder to reach the top, however, there is no bed underneath. This bed is great for children’s bedrooms as it leaves room underneath to create a desk or play area.

56. L-Shaped Bed

As the name suggests, L-shaped beds are L-shaped. They combine two beds to fit into a corner. This is a popular option for a kid’s bedroom because it saves space and allows siblings to sleep right by each other.

57. Bed with a Slide

A bed lifted off the ground with a slide attached.
If your kids have a lot of energy, consider getting them a bed with a slide. These beds are lifted above the ground with a ladder on one side and a slide on the other. Your little ones will have so much fun getting up in the morning!

58. Treehouse Bed

If your little one has a big imagination, they are going to love a treehouse bed. A treehouse bed is lifted above the ground and is shaped like a treehouse. This type of bed can also be made into a bunk bed if you have multiple children.

59. Car Bed

A small children's bed shaped like a car
Car beds are great for kids who love cars. They can come in a variety of car styles from race cars to Jeeps. They are generally low to the ground so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

60. Cabin Bed

A bed with a tall cabin-shaped canopy. The canopy has a slatted wooden exterior with windows.
Similar to a treehouse bed, a cabin bed is shaped like a cabin. They are typically made out of wood and are slightly elevated. They even include a roof and windows so your kids can snuggle up and pretend they’re in the woods.

61. Novelty Bed

A bed shaped like a pirate ship
Kids’ novelty beds are out of the ordinary beds that include beds shaped as boats or pirate ships. They help making going to bed fun for kids and can include beds shaped like anything from space ships to Spongebob Squarepants.

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