Dear Women, This Is How You Will Know A Man Is Pretending To Love You

Ladies, love is something that can awaken your emotions. It's created by God and all we need to do is cherish and keep it. Love is a force of nature which no one could easily understand when insane. A person pretending therefore to love you will therefore be hard to notice. When you

The first turn off sign is his concentration around you. A man who truly loves you will avoid distractions from any source. He will also be talking on matters about your relationship. He will be keeping and maintaining eye contact with you. Any unnatural distractions like looking at other women will be out of his conscience. Watch your man's concentration and know.


When he can't spend his favourite time with you. Im not advising him to eat his family time with you because after all family comes first. Am talking of his own free time like weekends or Friday nights. Such moments are for couples and he needs to be with you. When you don't spend his free time together then he might be spending with someone else. Watch out dear.


When he keeps his phone away. Phone is the most used item for cheating. The moment you have his phone then all his connections and networks with people will be at your hand. Behaviors of hiding passwords, silencing phone calls, putting phones on flight mode and answering calls away should already make you alert. Those are the key ways men use to lie to women. Be on the watch.


Mueni Michelle

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