Professor Herman Manyara Reveals Why President Uhuru Kenyatta Destroyed Jubilee Party

Following the last by-election in Kiambaa constituency, members of the Jubilee party blowed at the party leaders, complaining they nolonger deserve the positions they are serving in .As a result, the party officials have organised for party election and call on members to apply.


Professor have claimed that the president wanted to block his Deputy William Ruto from being President in 2022,so the first thing to do would be to destroy the party Jubilee. Manyara argued that Ruto is a great mobilizer,that if you fail to destroy the party,he will take the party,have party elections done and all officials will be his close friends.

Just it's said that he manipulated the last party officials nominations,to ensure people who are popular and close to President Uhuru Kenyatta are phased out so that he puts his people.

Manyara said that,to be a president in a country is not a joke, that's why people like Kalonzo and Mdavadi are jokers because you go to any section of this nation,you will find ODM is present .ODM has a structure from the pulling station especially in their strong holds.

"Ruto would have used Jubilee as a powerful tool to face the 2022 presidential election and that's why President Uhuru Kenyatta decided to collapsed it,"Professor Herman Manyara said.


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