These are the women we strive to embody.

. Kanze Dena – Spokesperson Office of the President 

The former news anchor presently graces our screens as the Executive Office Of the President Spokesperson.


During her journalism career at KBC and Citizen TV, Kanze specialised in current affairs, political interviews and entertainment. Thereafter, she held the title of Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head for six weeks before landing her current role as spokesperson.


Kanze has never been one to shy away from speaking of her life experiences. In a 2018 interview, she broke down while disclosing the loss of her firstborn child Natasha during her media studies.


Earlier in 2021, Kanze was the subject of a section of Kenyans’ hateful remarks regarding her weight gain. She, however, won the support of a a vast majority of netizens and has been a reference for numerous conversations regarding body positivity in Kenya.


Kanze is the perfect example of a professional woman in the limelight who just as well perseveres through her personal struggles and does so with poise, finesse and a career of steal in her grasp.

Kanze Dena-Spokesperson Office of the President

7. Wawira Njiru – Founder and Executive Director at Food for Education Foundation

Intent on improving children’s lives in the public school system, Wawira Njiru, the executive director and the face of Food for Education (F4E), provides subsidized, quality school meals every day.


Wawira birthed Food for education during her undergraduate studies in Adelaide, Australia. She invited 80 friends to a Kenyan themed meal and charged $20 per plate, raising the equivalent of KSh126,000 at that time.


F4E began feeding their first 25 students with a makeshift kitchen. Through fundraising campaigns on the internet, F4E hired a full-time chef, constructed a new modern kitchen. To date, the organisation has provided over one million meals.


Covid-19  brought with it the closing down of schools which limited the F4E. However, Wawira said that the foundation fed more children during the pandemic . With their strategic switch from cooked school lunches to dry foods, Food for Education restructured its operation, from meal planning to sourcing and delivery.


Wawira and her team provided food packages and cash transfers that have provided over 2,000,000 meals to children and their families at home during this COVID-19 period.


In December 2018, she became the first person to win the Global Citizen Prize for Youth Leadership. In 2018, Wawira was also named among the 100 Most Influential Young Kenyans by Avance Media.




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