Tension And Confussion Across The Nation As Itumbi Alleges "Deep State" Plans Ahead Of 2022 Polls

As the 2022 general election approaches, security of the nation remains the key component to the wellness of this nation. Today the self proclaimed Husler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) Chairman Dennis Itumbi who is also a political blogger Has alleged that the government of kenya in co

In His social media accounts, Itumbi has revealed that their is a written and signed agreement letter by the police and the government top officials. He also revealed that He will issue full details tomorrow to unveil all the plans that have been put in place. He also asked the citizens of this nation to pray for their country ahead the elections. However His allegations has not been confirmed by the police or any other government officials and as per now it remains claims and the information should not be relied on until more evidence is unveiled.

Diana Nyambura

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