Bomet Governor Receives Blessings from Elders

The elders from Bomet county are today at the home of the sitting governor doctor Hillary Barchok.The elders said that they visited the home in order to bless him ahead of the 2022 elections

The elders performed the rituals to the governor and declared that he was the blessed leader of Bomet county and that he is now very ready to continue with his leadership as a governor of Bomet county.


As revealed through the governor's official facebook page , The rest of the people who had attended the ceremony termed governor Barchok as a good leader and a role model to the other leaders.


The ceremony was accompanied by songs from different groups of people who had attended it.They were all aiming at giving governor Barchok the confidence to get into the 2022 elections.


The governor on his part said that he is much confident in the coming elections and that he issued that he will retain his seat as the governor of bomet county.



Mueni Michelle

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