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Sharing about my Trip to Maralal in Samburu county. Not sure as a CEO or as? My clear remembrance of how I grew up. How I like this place but my neck, my knees - that journey.

I remember posting on my Facebook wall that I thought Maralal is close to Thika. A post that has received lots of comments and likes. Leave that alone, My Neck, My Knees, The Journey. When my friend Simon Kinyanui from Asante Africa Foundation called me and asked me to speak at the Youth Leadership Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 at a county I did not get well from the call.


He threw in some joke and then said, "come we change lives." I remembered why I started My Leader Kenya (MLK) and why I started Oracom Group by always recruiting my staff from the slums. I have had a zeal of changing lives. I quickly asked, can I drive there? He laughed and said a big "NO". Just come by public means (Matatu). My wife took me to Westlands at Oracom and remained with the car then the usual dearer was like I am getting late. I was very excited I was going to use a Matatu after "kuzoeshwa kudrive / always driving". More so I was more than happy the trip was about changing lives.


I headed to "T-Room" not sure of the spelling then those Matatus, where you buy milk and bread and Njugu karanga passing by the window. I remembered how in all my childhood grew up from my years at Uyoma, Kawuondi to Maranda and Moi University. That was the usual life. Simon had told me say you are going to Nyahururu and I got it like Nanyuki. He laughed again and said No. Those are different places.


Simon knew I was a key person since from my technology and web solutions Background I had shopped for all the livestreaming equipment for the event. Thanks to Sardan that new energy at Oracom from “Royal Youth Mentorship Program Group" by  Matthew Mugoh” - this new brain at Oracom/Oramedia understands everything about Live Streaming, Photograhy and Video - most importantly he is a go-getter. He did it at the Kenic Event and Palscity Launch - see Palscity Speakers Speeches quality videos and from 8 Social Media Channels plus live screen plus zoom and we received over 10,000 viral views - the best of live streaming I think seen in Kenya, of course with energies from Joshua Wanjohi my Guy for Video shooting.


Well, let this not distract my intention for penning this down. When the vehicle took a turn at Gilgil, the route was already long for me. Then to Nyahururu and viola a new vehicle and almost like a new trip, new driver. By then Faith had asked me "My Boss, are you driving or Flying?". I told her as my brother Nelson would say "Unakatika, You are Breaking - I can’t hear you". I was like I am the CEO of 10 companies under Oracom Group, FOYA Award Nominee, 2020 most Influential Person of the Year, 1OM KCB Lions Den Winner, 2020 Digital Marketing Trainer of the Year, YALI Alumni, A Luo and now Founder Palscity. Would I drive or Fly? If I wanted to I would have but deep in me I have loved to lead a simple life - impacting lives.


Along the journey, I went on twitter and saw my Mentor and Dr. Shem Ochuodho’s friend "Philanthropist Manu Chandaria's house was burgled" and from there I read he lived a simple life. This encouraged me to be more simple. Then after the wait for 2 hours for “gari ijae/vehicle to be full”, actually we were 3 people less and waited for 3 hours for the 3 then the journey began to Maralal.


Ohh my goodness. No one was talking, the road was rough for close to 3 hours I said, we can’t reach? I am not sure whether I was enjoying the journey or not but when I went to google map I saw we are 37km and google said 1 hour 22 mins. I knew 37km even my probox would cover in less than 30 mins. This is the day Google was down or hacked? Well the day "we could not even google what happened to Google?'


At this point I was tired and my knees, my neck. At any point I would see people block the road some with guns and the driver would stop the car, greet and enjoy happy moments with them. Well it was past 9pm at night. Then I saw “welcome to Samburu County”. I remember on the map seeing places like Suguta and Kapedo but towards the Turkana side. These are places I had seen on TV.


Then eventually we arrived, a small town. Call it nature at its best. Simon was already there. I enjoyed every bit of that late night. Though earlier someone had told me when I reach there I will find some Kenyan's living there. Now I got the joke. In 2009 I visited Turkana for one week and the people there don’t believe they are Kenyan's. Well I am here I have loved everything. Though my neck is the problem. The Hall is waiting for my Speech. I am ready.


That ride is what I needed. My message to Kenyans -  Given a chance I would love to stay here for 2 years like my friend Simon says "Samburu has been my home for the past 2/3 years". It’s a beautiful place. A town of almost 16,000 people I was like I need these people join so that we have more to change lives.


As I write this, I am happy and geared for session one of the Youth Summit looking forward to meet Amisa and the rest of the team from YALI. After that I will decide whether to come back to Kenya or Enjoy nature this sides.


This morning I just typed to the team working remotely at Oracom that "Yeah Good morning... I like this place, I am considering staying here... So natural". This guy who was for years stuck with my dream for Oracom since we started from Printing in Kayole and to Luthuli house John Sisoh just said "Hehee usitufanyie hivo na hii Krismas. Maliza tu urudi". These are stories why I created Palscity to have natural stories. These are the reasons why I feel everyone should be in Palscity. This town Maralal fits how I want stories on Palscity - Day 1 and loking forward.

My Final ask to the Samburu Governor Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal, area MP and MCA. Why is is it that the road is rough all through till you near Maralal? Is it by design? I have an idea? Leave it that way. Its part of the beautiful nature drive. A clean town. I like it. Kep up.

Alphonce Juma

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Levis Otieno 4 months ago


Isaac Juma 4 months ago

great words!! enjoyed all the way...

Mikeopondo 4 months ago

so inspiring!!enjoyed every bit of this.

lewis mongare 4 months ago

what a story!!so hillarious

Salim Seif 4 months ago

Love this! made my day, i can't recall the last time i enjoyed reading something this much. We need more of these, the humor is just beautiful.

MCaroline 4 months ago

I have laughed my ribs out. 😂😂😂😂 so hilarious. I am also looking forward for more of this.

Palscity Guider 4 months ago

We did not know he can write. We are equally surprised. This is pure class and comic. We need you back in "Kenya". All the best in Maralal Samburu County. Today we have seen a surge of people from Samburu joining Palscity...

Matthew Mugoh 4 months ago

Waoh, What a story! I didn't know you were a comedian too @alphonce. Now i know.

Faith Kullah 4 months ago

What a write-up! Give it your best.

DUNCAN KINYUA 4 months ago

amazing !!!!!
someone give me a red pen.