(here are some of the DCEU actors who have powers with no sense at all)

11/11 Aquaman Shouldn't Be Able To Breathe Underwater

Jason Momoa as the DCU's Aquaman

As the ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman is a especially special vigilante within the DC universe, possessing various extraordinary competencies due to his Atlantean heritage. His powers have baffled viewers, who consider them to be wildly unrealistic.


Despite having no gills, Aquaman is inexplicably able to breathe underwater for long periods without strolling out of breath. He can also speak telepathically with all sea life, who can apprehend him perfectly, even although these marine animals are unlikely to apprehend English.


10/11 Shazam's Powers Have No Origin

Shazam!: Fury of the Gods: Zachary Levi as the titular hero in costume.

Beginning as a school child, Billy Batson transforms into an grownup body upon bellowing the identify "Shazam." This energetic person has turn out to be accountable for some of the DCEU's funniest scenes, in spite of his powers making little feel when held up to scrutiny.


The sensible wizard Shazam provides Billy's dazzling abilities, however it is by no means explained the place Shazam received these powers in the first place. His lightning abilities are also wildly inconsistent, with Billy's electrifying powers leaving minor damage when used in his foster sister Darla's bedroom, notwithstanding performing relatively unfavorable later in the film.


9/11 Cyclone's Hurricane Abilities Make No Sense

Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone in Black Adam

Debuting in Black Adam, Cyclone is an especially amazing addition to the DCEU. Her magnificent skills provide the titular anti-hero with some valuable assistance in the battle in opposition to the nefarious Sabbac. However, her superpowers have come below scrutiny from fans, specifically her capacity to manipulate wind.


Through her atmospheric manipulations, Cyclone is capable of projecting hurricanes from her hands. While this strength can also astound the DCEU's residents, it additionally holds the conceivable to purpose much-unwarranted destruction, with real-life hurricanes capable of destroying whole buildings. Cyclone's hurricanes come what may show up to keep away from bringing down close by properties throughout her battles, particularly targeting Black Adam's most fearsome foes.


the flash ezra miller dceu

Otherwise acknowledged as Barry Allen, the Flash gives some certainly insane strength levels to the Justice League team, and is entirely unique from his comics counterpart. Barry is most famous for his capacity to journey in time. However, his time travel techniques are pretty illogical.


For his time journey journeys, Barry is required to run quicker than the speed of light. However, Barry is still a human and have to be without delay killed by these typical time journey escapades, with the subsequent g-force from traveling so speedy likely to be fatal.


7/11 Doctor Fate's Clone Powers Are Pointless

Dr. Fate in full costume in Black Adam.

Portrayed with the aid of Pierce Brosnan, Doctor Fate brings wondrous energy to the DCEU, with his mystical nature adding an intriguing new thing to the superhero universe. His magical competencies are incredibly nonsensical, with Kent capable to see the surrounding surroundings perfectly, regardless of the Helmet of Fate containing no eyeholes.


Perhaps Doctor Fate's most absurd power is his capability to create clones of himself, who show decidedly useless. These duplicates of the famed sorcerer are made of a enormously fragile crystalline structure. As a result, they are without difficulty destroyed by Sabaac, making them a pointless piece of spell-casting by means of the otherwise unstoppable Doctor Fate.


6/11 Superman's Power Source Should Make Him Vulnerable

Superman Henry Cavill Man of Steel DCEU

Hailing from Krypton, Superman has tested extraordinarily popular within the DCEU, with many fans upset that there isn't a Man Of Steel 2 He possesses myriad abilities, which pose a giant venture to his biggest enemies. However, no matter his extreme capabilities, Clark Kent's powers do not constantly make sense, with some viewers taking 

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