What you need to know about the path of exile

The GGG team seems to want players to use Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs (rare currency drops) to modify items.

If you don’t know the Path of Exile, here is a quick overview of some things you should know: The game will drop currency “spheres” that can replace existing items in various ways. The economy in the game also makes effective use of these items, especially chaotic orbs and exchange of POE Currency for the items needed. The in-game function of Chaos Orb is to randomly re-roll rare items with new modules. The in-game function of Noble Orb is to add a new random mode. However, most people use them as trading currencies.

The GGG team seems to want players to use Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs to modify items. The problem is that these are not only very rare, especially precious orbs, but also a specific set of modifications, even ordinary modifications, usually require thousands of Chaos Orbs.

No one will do this. Especially when most people play in the trade league and can trade with only the items they want, such as 10 Chaos Balls. Even more expensive items will be cheaper to buy directly (although they will be more expensive than they are now, because they would be less common without Harvest).

This video about Nervyr, a player on the path of exile, shows how expensive and ridiculous it is to make Chaos and Sublime. Note that most players will never reach a double-digit Exalted Orb, and many players will see two or less throughout the league. POE Chaos Orb is the best way to upgrade on the path of exile.

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