By now it sank on me that there is no way I am running away from her. Till death do us apart was the only way out here



We went to my room and the cycle of, sinning, eating, and sleeping, repeated itself. Things became great between us. The relationship sprouted. By now it sank on me that there is no way I am running away from her. Till death do us apart was the only way out here. And that was the point when brigadier Lena started to notice someone else is giving his wife some good loving. Let’s just say it’s about to get down. 


Gradually, we became so close, closer than before to the point we started picking baby names. The only name I could think of giving my daughter was Everlyn. I am dumb at some things. With our newly developed closeness, she started making frequent excuses for not going to Garissa. I knew her husband would figure out something was wrong sooner or later but I didn't care, I was in love. Plus it's not like I was happy knowing if she goes to Garissa a certain soldier would be eating from my plate. Months passed and I was starting to get comfortable in my relationship. She would spend over 90% f her days in my room and I was happy about it. 


I am a sinner that likes going to church, one-weekend Everlyn created an excuse as usual and she didn't go to Garissa. We had plans. That Sunday, we were going to attend church service together, and then from there, we would head to a hotel for a date then attend a nameless concert at night.  


Sunday came and we went to church while holding hands. We walked like a couple, we looked like a couple. Such a nice feeling it was. It’s a feeling I can’t deny. The sermon was not fun though, the Reverend preached about adultery as if someone sent him to talk to me. 


The church service ended and it was time to go for our date. We were excited. But on getting out of the church, my hearts stopped. I saw three guys coming towards us. They looked very serious to be called brethren. The guy at the center looked familiar, though I couldn't seem to remember where I had seen him from. Though something told me I knew the guy. I thought hard but no name came to mind. At that moment I heard Everlyn speak in a cowardly voice, "Gosh! That's my husband."


Brigadier Lena himself, so he does truly exist, finally we meet in person. I have to say this wasn’t a pleasant surprise. Though, I have met him a number of times in my dreams, and every time he pulled a gun on me, hopefully the dreams won’t come true.


He was taller muscular and looked meaner than I imagined he will be. He wore civilian clothes but he had this look of a person who can kill you by just pointing at you. Again, I must say I wasn’t happy to see him. 


“Chiet! This is the day I die,” I thought.  


I swear my whole life flashed before my eyes. I froze, Everlyn ran to hug him and he pushed her away and came straight to me.


Him: Laban right? 


I nodded my head.


Him: Good, good. Now listen here, boy; I don’t know what poetry you used to rhyme with my wife’s heart. But every show must come to an end on a high note otherwise the audience will be bored. You are an artist you know that right?


I swear I wanted to speak but words just couldn't get out of my mouth so I just nodded. I also wanted to kneel and beg him not to kill me. But my knees were shaking, they couldn't kneel. I looked like a statue with a flexible head.


Him: The two boys you see with me follow my orders like dogs. I can ask them to chop your head right now. They will do so without asking why and none of these people passing here will do anything about it. But I don't want to create a scene in front of a church on a Sabbath. Plus if I do that now in front of my wife; she will hate me forever and no husband wants his wife to hate him right? 


I nodded again. 



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