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WoW WotLK Classic Honor gear is one of the most sought-after gear in the PvP arena of MMORPGs, and it's getting a big discount ahead of the new Arena season.

Honor gear is purchased using Honor Points (fun) and can be earned by killing members of opposing factions in PvP. Loot can include anything from new armor to enhancements like inscriptions, and can only be purchased from specific vendors. You can WotLK Classic Buy Gold at MMOSO.

The first Arena season begins the week of October 3, and players have been scrambling to beat their opponents. However, some are concerned that the Honor gear appears to be quite expensive.

In response, Blizzard implemented a hotfix on October 4 that reduced the cost of these coveted items by 30%. "Starting with the first Arena season starting this week, we've reduced the cost of Honor gear by 30%," wrote community manager Kaivax.

"In the first week of the expansion, there were some very lucrative ways to get honor that have been addressed. With this change, players who reach level 80 this week will be able to get lethal, aggro and savage gear faster for competitive game." Full details of the patch will be released later.

During the first week of the expansion, players can earn honors faster by participating in various activities. However, some players were unable to log in due to long server queues, putting them at a slight disadvantage compared to those who logged in without a hitch. Hopefully the new discounts will get them on the bandwagon and back in the game.

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