And down the tower crashes
The butterflies take flight
The moon shines light on the shadows
that dance in foggy light.
I'm standing all the way up top.
Like a diver poised and practiced.

It might be the misty moonlight
You might have something in your eye.
But your pretty sure that you can see,
A grin on my face a mile wide.

I'm waiting for the final moment,
The timing pulses in my blood.
I've made this leap a time or 10
I'm so good at it it's fun.

I hold out my hands to take theirs,
They are still getting used to the jump.
It's all good my babies,
have trust and not fear
Your going to love how it ends up.

Get excited for the adventure,
It's all about to change.
Never a dull moment,
When Spirit calls you by name.