Clouds of Dreams

Clouds appear in her bedroom of dreams
Soft and billowy
Little puffs of make believe
A place where dreams and wishes play
Time to be a kid again, no hurry to leave

Reaching to touch
The clouds float softly caressing her hand
A feeling of happiness penetrates through the skin
Effortlessly her mind transported back to childhood land

A time where life was simple
Cloud dreaming on a summer day
Chasing youth on an endless trail
The thought of tomorrow
Was a lifetime away

Embraced by a peaceful slumber
Under a canopy of clouds
Riding Unicorns and carousels
All the laughter one heart and soul were allowed

Jumping from cloud to cloud
Buoyant and weightless and free
Chasing memories through flights of fancy
As across the sweet sleep of dreams she flees

Slumber ends with the rise of the sun
No clouds above her head
Stretching like a kitten after a nap
In the place of dreams, her white canopied bed