I'll laugh like a madman
If it makes me sane
I'll laugh past the sorrow
The heartache and pain

For sometimes there's things
That may cut strife in half
Let's live through this life
And just find ways to laugh

Laugh like you mean it
Oh laugh when it's good
Laugh on behalf
Of this life as you should

Laugh at the fact
That we might just have fun
Laugh for such silliness
Under the sun

Laugh like you feel like
You just have to dance
Laugh like you might need
A new pair of pants

Laugh at the thought
Of a ticklish touch
Laugh at the fact
That you're laughing so much

Laugh when you fumble
For words you can't say
Just mumble and grumble
Then laugh it away

Laugh to that face
Who is laughing at you
They see you're so silly
They're so silly too

Laugh if they can't
See the light you have found
Laugh so perhaps
They might realize the sound

Maybe they'll laugh
When they find it profound
To gift them a giggle
Might bring them around

Not every day
In this life should be bad
Just laugh when they say
That you may have gone mad