Ever thought of a Campus environment where nothing gets wasted,neglected or remains unutilized?
Think of a campus setup with food canteens,printing booths,beauty shops,Playgrounds but lacking one essential facility,A place where students can connect to buy and sell used products like mobile phones,laptops,books among themselves.
Here we are with the solution.Shopcampus is the first ever campus based classified ads and multivendor Marketplace evolving around campus students.A platform where students can buy or sell secondhand products at a fair price.We are a bridge between sellers or auctioners and buyers.
Meanwhile we are currently trying our new product.


ShopCampus | Free classified ads from Kenyan Campuses.

ShopCampus your leading campus based classified ads and multivendor marketplace Buy Secondhand or new, household items, Electronics, Phones, Fashion and Clothes, Beauty, Supplements and Cosmetics from Shopcampus Marketplace.