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Join us today live via zoom from 10 AM - 12PM as we celebrate our first ever OraDMT graduation and the Palscity & OraDMT Trainers, Mentors & Coaches Workshop #TrainWithOraDMT #DoItYourself #PalscityMentors


Mentors, Trainers & Coaches Job Vacancy

Palscity Global Page

2 yrs

Part time

Palscity is a fast emerging social media and business networking platform that allows its users to connect, share and discover opportunities nearby. OraDMT is a branch of Oracom Group that offers Online, Classroom and Workshop training across various categories by empowering people to "do it themselves".

Palscity & OraDMT is looking for mentors, coaches, trainers, industry leaders, change-makers in the following areas:

- Digital Marketing Training
- Business & Finance
- Entrepreneurship
- Design Thinking
- Music, Photography & Video
- Design, Development & IT
- Technical (engineering, law, etc)
- Office Productivity (HR, Comms)
- Health, Fitness & Lifestyle
- Pri & Sec School teacher
- Community Work Experts
- Other areas.

They will train on Part-time courses on OraDMT classes but also empower & mentor groups of 30 people on Palscity table banking & networking program.

Are you ready to join the biggest human empowerment program? Are you a leader who believes in changing lives?

To apply, email your application to or You can also join our WhatsApp group for the team's briefs.

Kindly do some due diligence by understanding how the 2 platforms work by visiting the websites |